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Consumer Notification
At AIG Canada, we are vigilant of any misrepresentation of our name and services. Please be advised that AIG does not offer insurance coverage for wire transfers or other types of electronic fund transfer methods.
Anyone who receives or has purchased an alleged AIG branded policy purporting to insure a wire transfer (or other types of electronic fund transfers), should contact local law enforcement and to report the matter.

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Coverage enhanced with automatic coverage for leased employees, volunteers or independent contractors, expanded definition of a claim to include non-monetary demands or injunctive relief and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Individuals Covered - Protects a broad range of individuals including volunteer and temporary employees as well as indemnified independent contractors and indemnified leased employees

  • Indemnification Uncertainty Eliminated - Early advancement of defence costs for individuals where the company fails to indemnify for any reason

  • Additional Side A Limit - Offers additional limits for executives when loss arising from a claim cannot be indemnified by the company

  • Privacy & Personal Injury Violation - Individuals and company covered for a violation of a person’s right of privacy, defamation, false arrest, copyright and trademark infringement

  • Severability - Reassures individuals that their coverage cannot be jeopardized by the behaviour of others

  • Foreign Jurisdictions - Ensures the most favourable terms and conditions from local AIG policies are applied to claims in foreign jurisdictions


  • Entities covered - Extends to broad range of entities including:
    • Non-profit subsidiaries created or acquired during the policy

    • For-profit entity acquired during the policy period whose assets are less than threshold (20% of consolidated assets)

    • Flexibility to add affiliated organizations by endorsement
  • Broad Entity Coverage Triggers - Includes: 
    • Violations of Canadian environmental laws (provided an executive is a co-defendant)

    • All wrongful acts, including anti-trust, defamation, violation of privacy, and infringement of copyright or trademark
  • Loss - Coverage much broader than defence costs and judgments or settlements:
    • Statutory liabilities - Coverage not just for statutory taxes owing by Executives but for any unpaid non-indemnified statutory liabilities assessed against Executives in a “Statutory Claim”

    • Civil penalties assessed against individuals under foreign corrupt practices legislation

    • Costs incurred by individuals detained, imprisoned or extradited due to their business activities, even absent a claim
    • Crisis firm costs for Executive to mitigate personal reputational damage of negative press ($100,000 per executive/$500,000 aggregate sublimit) 

    • Costs of Executives to oppose enforcement attempts to seize personal assets or property ($50,000 per executive/$250,000 aggregate sublimit)

    • E-Discovery- first $25,000 incurred in Securities Claim subject to no retention
  • Pollution Coverage - Broad cover for loss, other than clean-up costs for:
    • Non-indemnifiable claims against individuals

    • Claims (including administrative or regulatory proceedings) against individuals and the company(provided an executive is a co-defendant) alleging violation of Canadian environmental laws