Defence Base Act


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Since before World War II, the U.S. government has required every employer – whether contractor or sub-contractor, non-profit or for-profit – to provide benefits to workers under government contracts or for work on a U.S. military base overseas.

These organizations working under government contracts or working on a U.S. military base overseas support the mission of the United States and its allies abroad, bravely assisting service members, rebuilding communities and governments, providing disaster relief and more. Understanding the unique risks associated with fulfilling these missions as well as the U.S. government’s statutory requirements, we provide comprehensive international insurance programs with the global service capabilities to support organizations that make safety their chief concern. Together, we share a responsibility to protect an organization’s most valuable asset—its employees, no matter where in the world their mission takes them.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to our two DBA Centers of Excellence in Dubai and Dallas lending environments of expertise, competency, training and best practices for DBA claims management

  • Support from our other strategically-positioned DBA claims staff in Istanbul, Turkey; Manchester, U.K.; and San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as 1,500+ other AIG claims professionals around the globe, with the ability and expertise to handle an event and pay benefits as needed in local languages and currencies 

  • 24-hour, 365-a-day access to medical and travel assistance services provided by Travel Guard, in multiple languages for medical and legal referrals and emergency message services

  • Real-time access to key claim alerts, financials and access to adjuster notes through our state-of-the-art, web-based, global claims system IntelliRisk® Advanced

  • Access to our Global Loss Prevention consultants and engineers located in over 40 countries to uncover exposures and create practical business solutions that reduce risk under the unique exposures faced by U.S. government contractors

  • Partnership with a carrier that maintains its long-standing commitment to the DBA program, and has the most extensive claims and underwriting experience in the industry


Statutory Defence Base Act benefits

  • Employers’ liability coverage for damages an employer is legally obligated to pay resulting from a covered Defence Base Act claim

  • Stated benefit coverage for all covered employees including $50,000 stated benefit for U.S. nationals; $25,000 stated benefit for third country nationals, and $2,500 stated benefit for local nationals up to a $500,000 aggregate amount (certain restrictions apply)

  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion coverage for U.S. nationals and third-country nationals for wrongful detention, hijacking, kidnap-for-ransom and extortion incidents up to a $500,000 aggregate amount

  • Additional coverage options including but not limited to business travel accident (emergency sickness with non-occupational medical evacuation including in war risk countries) insurance, foreign voluntary compensation insurance, full limits kidnap and ransom coverage, security evacuation coverage, foreign general liability insurance and foreign business automobile liability insurance