Passport for Directors and Officers

Executive liability is a growing global exposure—and a moving target.

Local regulatory environments continue to evolve, with regulatory bodies creating new requirements and new risks for corporations with international subsidiaries and operations.

While exposures can vary from place to place, they all present a common dilemma: if a suit is brought into a foreign jurisdiction, a Canadian-issued directors and officers (“D&O”) liability policy may not provide the adequate protection needed by international subsidiaries, operations and the directors and officers that run them.

Passport for D&O offers corporations with subsidiaries and operations outside of their home country an efficient way to secure D&O liability insurance. Building on our experience and expertise in foreign markets, clients can make educated decisions on whether to choose a local, global or controlled master policy, all based on its need in a given country. Choosing to partner with us makes addressing executive liability exposure on a global basis less complex.

Features & Benefits

  • Services of our own experienced in-country claims and loss control professionals to provide clients help in successfully navigating regulatory environments worldwide

  • Ability to choose from local, global and controlled master program options based on a business’ needs in a given country

  • Access to the extensive knowledge of a carrier providing executive and management liability insurance for nearly 40 years

  • Worldwide coordination of easy to understand coverage, with premium in Canadian or U.S. dollars and policy language in Canadian English


  • Ability to apply separate aggregate limits or a single worldwide aggregate limit to coverage