Prospectus Edge®

Increased shareholder litigation has raised awareness of the duties and responsibilities of a company’s executives, especially when issuing a prospectus.

Through Prospectus Edge®, companies can protect themselves against the heightened multi-year exposure faced when issuing a prospectus. By isolating and protecting this exposure, Prospectus Edge® offers companies the benefit of dedicated coverage for this prospectus exposure, protecting their traditional Directors and Officers (“D&O”) policy limits from erosion.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-year reporting period for protection against covered claims years after a prospectus issuance

  • Retroactive coverage for the offering or listing, including but not limited to the road show

  • Tailored prospectus liability coverage for those involved in the offering or listing, including the company and its executives, controlling shareholders, selling security holders and financial underwriters

  • Value-added extensions of coverage to include:
    -Management liability liberalization
    -Fiduciary liability extension 

  • Fewer exclusions than traditional D&O policy – no exclusions for personal injury, bodily injury & property damage, pension liability and compensation and labour liability


  • Access to CrisisFund® Appendix, our loss prevention solution to help companies manage communications surrounding potential events after securities have been delisted, or have been threatened to be delisted from designated securities exchanges

  • Services of pre-authorized lawyers for optimal litigation management and access to leading law firms renowned for arming companies with the right defence strategies

  • First dollar e-Discovery consultant services to help companies develop strategies if faced with a request to produce electronically stored information both before and after a covered claim arises