Hull and Protection and Indemnity Insurance


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Most marine vessels have one goal in mind when they begin a job: facilitate the safe transport of material in all of its forms from port to port.

Mother nature, politics, other vessels and maybe even crew members do not always cooperate in allowing marine vessels to sail smoothly to obtain this goal, however.

From tugs and charter boats to supply vessels, we can provide both small and large marine vessels the tailored protection needed to suit their specific protection and indemnity exposure. Not all commercial marine vessels are created equal—and building off of our wealth of experience and technical knowledge we believe neither should their insurance protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Coverage available for a wide range of risks, including brown water vessels

  • Limits among the highest in the industry

  • Flexible programs, tailored for client needs

  • Underwriting, claims, recovery, loss control and risk management services provided by marine specialists throughout the world 


  • Hull and Machinery coverage

  • Protection and Indemnity coverage

  • War Risk, Political Risk and Builder’s Risk coverage available upon request