Corporate Counsel Premier™

Protects the personal assets of corporate lawyers, as well as their employer’s balance sheet, in claims alleging professional malpractice.

The policy protects not only past, present and future corporate counsel, but also legal staff and contract lawyers.

Features & Benefits

  • D&O Terms - Applies Directors and Officers terms and conditions to reduce potential coverage gaps
  • Non-Rescindable - Provides non-rescindable coverage for non-indemnified loss of employed lawyers and staff (Coverage A)
  • Legal Services Beyond Work - Extends coverage to pro-bono and moonlighting services provided by in-house counsel
  • Entire Legal Team Covered - Protects an organization’s entire in-house legal team, including past, present, and future full-time in-house lawyers and their paralegals and clerical staff


  • Broad Claims trigger - Encompasses a broad range of claims including:
    • Demands for monetary, non-monetary, or injunctive relief

    • Civil actions, securities claims, or binding arbitration

    • Administrative proceedings, such as a judicial, administrative, or provincial law society or bar association licensure

    • Employment-related claims arising from reliance on in-house legal services

  • Zero Deductible - Offered along with no co-insurance for non-indemnifiable loss

  • False or Fraudulent Allegations - Defence coverage extended for claims against insured persons alleging wrongful acts, even if such allegations are groundless, false or fraudulent

  • Defence Costs - Full limits available for claims made by the organization