Personal Identity Coverage

In just seconds, personal information, including Social Insurance Numbers or credit card numbers, can be stolen and used to obtain mortgages, lines of credit or additional credit cards.

As perpetrators of identity theft gain sophistication, the threat to potential victims continues to grow leaving more and more people to face the uphill battle of restoring their good name and credit.

Personal Identity Coverage (PIC) enables organizations to extend expert assistance and financial relief to employees, customers or members who may be exposed to identity theft. This innovative program combines extensive recovery support as well as reimbursement of costs related to a theft incident. With PIC, victims can easily navigate the aftermath of identity theft and recover with confidence.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to on-call identity theft specialists available 24/7 to guide victims through the identity restoration process with PIC’s premium level of service
  • Receipt of our Identity Theft Recovery Kit which includes template form letters ready to send to creditors and bureaus
  • Protection can be extended to family members of employees, members and customers


  • Income protection reimbursement for lost wages if recovery efforts require absence from work
  • Expense reimbursement for costs incurred by an employee to recover their identity including defence costs for civil suits and fees to re-file loans
  • Additional coverage enhancements including unauthorized electronic fund transfer reimbursement; reimbursement for travel expenses, eldercare and/or childcare costs incurred while tending to identity recovery; and reimbursement for credit monitoring to help recognize fraudulent activity quickly and mitigate potential damages
  • Pricing is based on group size and desired policy limits and services