Whether clients are looking for a surety bond for a traditional construction project, or pursuing an alternative to a bank letter of credit, we can customize a solution for them to help guarantee the performance on their program.

Through our underwriting expertise, capacity and global reach we provide innovative surety programs for everything from environmental issues to Public Private Partnerships.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive surety solutions for a wide variety of risks including construction, infrastructure, support services, transportation, telecommunications and energy (including alternative and renewable energy)
  • Viable alternative to a bank bond or letter of credit
  • Flexible programs that meet clients' needs
  • Single point of access to handle local and cross-border surety programs
  • Underwriting, claims, recovery, loss control and risk management services provided by surety specialists


  • Contract Bonds
    • Bid Bonds
    • Performance/Labour & Material Payment Bonds
    • Supply Bonds
    • Advance Payments
  • Alternative to Bank Performance Letter of Credit

  • Commercial Bonds
    • Court/Judicial Bonds (e.g. Appeal Bonds)
    • License & Permit Bonds