A/R SecureTM

A/R Secure is an innovative trade credit product which combines “ground up” cover with non-cancellable credit limits. 

A/R Secure is easy to set-up and works by connecting to a client’s accounting package, allowing credit limits to be automatically calculated based on real time payment history or set by an underwriter. The client is not required to undertake any buyer analysis to justify coverage. A/R Secure can also increase productivity, supporting and building on existing credit management procedures.

For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Businesses with an annual turnover between $10M and $20M.

Features & Benefits

  • A/R Secure provides credit limits that are non-cancellable during the policy period for 12 months. Welcome news for businesses who may have been disillusioned with Trade Credit insurance when some insurers withdrew credit limits during the financial crisis.
  • All A/R Secure credit limits are calculated automatically or set by an AIG underwriter, relieving the policyholder of responsibility for setting discretionary limits and the customer analysis this involves.
  • The A/R Secure system connects easily to a policyholder’s accounting package. There are no software, installation or maintenance charges.
  • A/R Secure simplifies administration. Overdue account reporting is done automatically by A/R Secure reducing administration of the policy and helping to ensure compliance with policy terms and conditions.
  • A/R Secure simplifies the claims process. All limits are agreed by AIG so policyholders do not have to justify any credit limits when there is a claim, which can sometimes slow down the process, and claims forms are automatically pre-populated by the system.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about A/R Secure or any other Trade Credit Insurance product, please contact us at aigtradecreditcanada@aig.com.

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