Global Limits Manager

Many companies use trade credit insurance to protect themselves against bad debts.

However, the administration of a trade credit insurance policy can take time and the management of discretionary limits requires reasonable due diligence.

Global Limits Manager is a simple to use, yet highly effective credit limit management platform designed to be used in conjunction with a trade credit insurance policy. Global Limits Manager allows companies to manage and monitor all of their customer credit limits as well as fulfilling their overdue and adverse information reporting requirements. Our trade credit policy reinforces this by providing certainty for all credit limits issued by Global Limits Manager, just as if they had been approved and agreed to by an underwriter.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to process customer ledger data from multiple sources enabling a consolidated view of aggregated customer risk across different subsidiaries, product lines or ledger systems
  • Credit limit certainty both above and below a discretionary limit
  • Credit limit management for all customers, large or small, worldwide
  • Simplified overdue and adverse information reporting, ensuring policy compliance
  • An effective tool for captive programs providing portfolio management on self-insured bad debt reserves

How It Works

  • A regular feed is taken of all customer details, open and closed invoices and payments and credits from a company’s sales ledger system to score customer trading relationships and to establish trading experience-based credit limits
  • Where trading experience alone cannot justify the required customer credit limit, it can be supplemented with weekly updated status agency data from Experian or D&B or can be manually overridden with internal credit decisions
  • Trading experience directly influences the value of customer credit limits, so companies can expect higher credit limits on strong customers who pay promptly and lower credit limits on more delinquent customers
  • Whether reporting externally or internally, overdue accounts can be automatically tracked, providing prompts regularly for updates to credit control actions on delinquent customers and recording all credit control actions for compliance purposes
  • Electronic overdue reports can be delivered automatically to chosen recipients