Trade Credit Insurance

When a company agrees to sell its goods or services on credit to a buyer, it automatically places itself at risk.

If a buyer does not pay for the goods or services rendered, the effects can be detrimental to the seller’s balance sheet, bottom line and ultimately its future success.

Trade credit insurance provides sellers with the accounts receivable protection needed to safeguard themselves against a customer default due to financial or political events. Our solutions range from policies that insure all or part of a seller’s account receivables book to a host of industry leading online tools that allow sellers to manage and set customer credit limits using live sales ledger data. As our partner, sellers have the reassurance to offer more competitive terms of sale without significantly increasing their credit risk – seeking new sales opportunities with confidence and success.

Features & Benefits

  • Coverage can be provided to companies with domestic, export or multinational sales, as well as to lenders that finance trade receivables
  • Flexible program structures to accommodate clients in need of a high level of autonomy when granting credit to their customers
  • Non-cancellable credit limits are available for qualified clients
  • Carrier with value-added strategic partnerships with the Berne Union, FCIB and STA International
  • Discounted debt collection services through a third-party agency
  • Assistance in validating a seller’s credit protocols to lend better support to the management of its account receivables
  • Founding member of the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada


  • Comprehensive Domestic and Export Credit Insurance
  • Multinational Credit Insurance Programs
  • Top-Buyer/Single-Buyer Policy
  • Financial Institutions Credit Insurance
  • Trade Finance
  • Minimum premium of $20,000 available on a flat or adjusted basis

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