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7 international travel destinations for movie buffs


7 international travel destinations for movie buffs - Image

There's nothing quite like watching a good film. Whether it's a childhood favourite or a recent blockbuster, there's something about movies that fulfill an innate desire for adventure. While you may never be a film star, you can still feel like you're in some of history's most famous films by visiting the locations where they were shot.

So pack your bags, buy your travel insurance and book your flight: If you love travel and movies, these seven destinations should be in consideration for your next vacation.

1. New Zealand
At the top of every film fan's must-visit list is the country of New Zealand, the location of the wildly popular "Lord of the Rings" series. With sweeping landscapes, lush vegetation and sparkling waves, it's certainly a spot anyone would love even without the motivation of a strong Hollywood tie and a secret hope to see Hobbits.

2. Tunisia
When it comes to off-the-beaten-path trips, Tunisia may be your best hope. According to Reader's Digest Canada, the North African country was a location for five of the first six "Star Wars" movies. With the help of a tour guide, you'll be able to visit sites like the Dune Sea and the Isle of Djerba, familiar images for any traveller who grew up with the films.

3. Hawaii
Based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton, the movie "Jurassic Park" became the highest-grossing film of the time when it premiered in 1993. While it was likely the dinosaurs that caught the imaginations of viewers, the beautiful cinematography - filmed largely in Hawaii - probably didn't hurt either. Between the lush jungles and simmering volcanoes, you may not find it hard to believe that these islands could be home to ancient creatures.

4. The Caribbean
Do you really need an excuse to plan a vacation to the Caribbean? If you aren't convinced by the warm water, tropical fruits and sun-kissed beaches, maybe you'll be convinced by the fact that, appropriately enough, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies were shot in this area. You may not find any hidden gold, but you'll definitely go home with a nice tan.

5. Fiji
If you're into tropical locations, you might also want to consider Fiji, the site of the popular 2000 film "Cast Away." The movie, which starred Tom Hanks as a systems engineer stranded on a deserted island, won Hanks the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Actor in a Motion Picture Drama.

6. Jordan
Fans of the classics might enjoy a trip to Wadi Rum, Jordan, the setting of the movie "Lawrence of Arabia." According to Lonely Planet, the city was also the site of the real-life Arab Revolt on which the film was based.

7. UK
You may have never received your Hogwarts letter, but you can still get a glimpse of the magical world of "Harry Potter" by visiting the UK.. According to the Visit Britain tourism website, the movie versions of the books were filmed in locations in both England and Scotland. Many of these familiar places, including King's Cross Station, are located in London.