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AIG Canada Donates $50,000 to the Red Cross Alberta Wildfires Appeal

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AIG Insurance Company of Canada (AIG Canada), the Canadian-based subsidiary of AIG, today announced that it has donated $50,000.00 to the Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal in support of Canadians displaced by wildfires in Northern Alberta.
“Widely regarded as the worst natural disaster in Canadian history, AIG Canada stands firmly with the community and our policyholders to help rebuild the lives and businesses of this diverse and vibrant community,” said Lynn Oldfield, President and Chief Executive Officer of AIG Canada. “In concert with our broker partners, AIG Canada claims staff and our independent adjustors have been on the ground helping our policyholders recover from their losses.”
“This donation of $50,000 has great significance to AIG Canada; it symbolizes our 50th anniversary in Canada,” Oldfield continued. “For close to 50 years, AIG Canada has served Northern Alberta and its health and prosperity means a great deal to us.”