Private Equity Professional Edge®

Recent global political and economic events have changed the landscape for private equity and venture capital firms.

Increased litigation threats arising from portfolio company bankruptcies, dissatisfied investors, regulatory investigations and employment practices suits pose new levels of risk to private equity and venture capital firms, as well as the personal assets of their managers and employees.

Private Equity Professional Edge® provides the comprehensive coverage private equity and venture capital firms need to protect themselves against a full spectrum of professional and management liability risks. Supported by industry-leading claims and litigation management expertise, Private Equity Professional Edge® protects firms today, allowing them to focus on tomorrow’s acquisitions.

Features & Benefits

  • Broad entity protection, encompassing a firm’s liability as a controlling or selling shareholder of a portfolio company

  • Coverage specifically designed to address the complex organizational structure of private equity and venture capital firms, including coverage for general partners, parallel funds, co-investment funds, acquisition vehicles, investment managers and advisors, and blocker, feeder and other similar entities

  • Protection for firm professionals even when a firm refuses or otherwise fails for any reason to advance or indemnify a covered loss

  • Automatic coverage for new funds and other related entities created during the policy period within certain thresholds

  • Flexibility to settle within the policy retention without insurer consent

  • Access to eDiscovery solutions to assist firms in preparing for requests to produce electronically stored information before a claim arises

  • Access to EPL Pak Premier®, a loss prevention resource enhanced with online tools for dealing with regulatory compliance, training and best practices in risk management

  • Assistance in effectively managing the adverse media attention that can accompany a negative event and threaten a private equity or venture capital firm’s reputation and bottom line

  • Ability to expand and align coverage with local laws, regulations, and customs worldwide as a firm grows internationally


  • Outside directors’ liability coverage for firm managers and employees and other insured professionals serving on the boards of both public and private portfolio companies

  • Full employment practices liability coverage for a firm and its managers for lawsuits alleging wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and other employment practices violations

  • Extension of coverage for advisory board members, industry consultants, entrepreneurs in residence and other advisors acting on behalf of a firm

  • No anti-stacking of limits language

  • Fully non-rescindable coverage

  • Full severability of exclusions and claim cooperation for individual insureds

  • Optional coverage enhancement: manager protection suite with key coverage extensions to shield the personal assets and reputations of directors, officers and managers of private equity and venture capital firms and

  • Optional coverage enhancement: employed lawyers professional liability for a firm’s in-house legal team

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