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2016 Public Accountability Statement

We are pleased to present you with AIG Insurance Company of Canada’s (AIG Canada’s) 2016 Public Accountability Statement. We encourage you to read the report so that you may gain insight into the company’s efforts to be an employer of choice, an insurer our clients value most, an innovative leader in insurance protection and a steadfast supporter of the communities where we live and work.


2016 marked a significant milestone for AIG and one that we are particularly proud of. For 50 years, AIG Canada has led the way by offering a broad spectrum of products, a strong balance sheet, significant capacity, and an innovative culture that has produced leading-edge insurance covers for the myriad of emerging risks faced by Canadian businesses and consumers alike. We were the first company to commercialize directors and officers insurance, and introduce employment practices insurance, cyber liability insurance, robotics liability insurance, Brexit insurance and crowdfunding insurance to name a few.


Since 1966, AIG Canada has assumed the risks of many of Canada’s most groundbreaking organizations. To mark AIG’s anniversary, our employees celebrated National Tree Day by doing some ground-breaking of their own. Approximately 170 employees planted close to 600 trees in Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto, Hoy Creek Linear Park in Vancouver and Iroquois Park in Montreal. The purpose of the planting was to restore native species that are capable of thriving in their respective ecosystem.


2016 also saw the worst natural disaster in Canadian history. At the peak of the Northern Alberta wildfires, we stood steadfast with our clients and the community as they faced down an uncertain future. Rallying behind Fort McMurray, AIG supported one of our hotel property clients who opened his premises for use by first responders. Reimagining our role as an insurer, we readily agreed to repair any damage to support these heroes who helped get the town back on its feet. At the same time, our Aviation business expanded another insured’s policy to include commercial use of that client’s corporate aircraft to facilitate the movement of evacuees and their pets out of Fort McMurray. For such clients, these are defining moments that distinguish insurers who merely talk about customer centricity from those who act on it. To help the larger community, AIG donated $50,000.00 to the Red Cross Alberta Wildfires Appeal.


Whether its aiding communities in a time of need or helping Canadian businesses and consumers reduce risk with a view to a more prosperous future, it is the employees of AIG Canada who stand on the front lines of this effort. The diversity of our people is one of our greatest strengths and is a source of tremendous pride. Through our people, we learn how to better understand our clients, increase innovation, reduce risk, and achieve our goal of becoming our clients’ most valued insurer.



Lynn Oldfield
President & Chief Executive Officer

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