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Consumer Notification
At AIG Canada, we are vigilant of any misrepresentation of our name and services. Please be advised that AIG does not offer insurance coverage for wire transfers or other types of electronic fund transfer methods.
Anyone who receives or has purchased an alleged AIG branded policy purporting to insure a wire transfer (or other types of electronic fund transfers), should contact local law enforcement and to report the matter.

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With a smart, lean design, Excess Edge® enables you to efficiently replicate your carefully-crafted primary protection. It is true follow form coverage, streamlined and highly versatile. Depending on the nature of your primary policy, our policy can sit atop one or several financial lines insurance coverages – directors & officers liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, errors and omissions liability and other management and professional liability coverages.

The innovative protection of Excess Edge® comes with access to AIG's world-renowned claims team, which is widely recognized in the industry for its expertise and experience in managing complex claims and litigation.

Features & Benefits

  • State-of-the-market recognition of erosion language, built right into the insuring clause. Expressly recognizing payments made “in the place of” underlying insurers, facilitating your access to the Excess Edge® layer

  • Convenient changeability. It is easy to ensure terms match the followed form as issued...with no endorsements needed to confirm certain post-issuance changes

  • No independent Alternative Dispute Resolution requirement. Excess Edge® follows the Followed Policy… or can add ADR by endorsement at your request


  • Up to $50 million in available capacity. Excess of
    $5 million