Employee Resource Groups


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AIG Canada recognizes the value of encouraging groups of employees with common interests to formalize their professional relationships by launching employee resource groups (ERGs). ERG members are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment for all employees.

Any employee may become a member of any ERG. Our ERGs often collaborate on initiatives related to the business and to fulfill their individual interests. Initiatives generally fall into one of four areas: career development and networking, cultural awareness and education, community volunteerism and sponsorship, and partnering with leaders to resolve business challenges.

AIG Canada executives actively participate in ERG activities and support ERG goals and objectives.

AIG currently sponsors the following employee resource groups:

AIG offers a variety of multicultural heritage ERGs whose mission is to provide support and guidance to our multicultural employees by offering networking, personal and professional development, and mentoring opportunities in an effort to attain greater recruitment and retention, and leadership recognition within AIG.

disAbilities & Allies strive to build a culture of inclusion by leveraging each employee’s unique abilities, raising awareness, removing barriers, and encouraging a workplace founded on dignity, trust, and respect, thereby improving productivity and integration of those with disabilities and those with family members with disabilities.

LGBT & Allies strive to foster an inclusive environment where employees feel safe, respected, valued and supported in their workplaces.

Seasoned Professionals aim to provide a platform for sharing experiences, talent and ‘know how’ within AIG.

Women & Allies strive to create and foster a community of professionals with a shared interest in the professional development, attraction and retention of women within the organization.

Working Families aim to help working families find a healthy balance between personal and professional responsibilities. Working Families represents every family configuration that exists in today’s world.

Young Professionals aim to develop, connect, and empower young professionals.