Professional Liability

The changing landscape of insurance has created gaps in coverages, resulting in greater exposures and risks for many professional services providers. AIG Professional Liability Insurance protects professional services providers against claims for alleged errors and omissions, by providing coverage of defence costs and damages. Our professional liability insurance policies are written with clear definitions to ensure that the unique professional services provided by policyholders are covered. Protect your financial well-being with Professional Liability Insurance.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance

Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance covers professional services firms in the event of actual or alleged negligence, errors or omissions, and any perception that a fee-based firm has fallen short on their obligation to a client or third party.

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Tech E&O Insurance

Tech E&O covers a policyholder against a claim that the insured was negligent in providing a technology service.

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Combined Professional Liability and Cyber Liability Insurance

Combined professional liability and cyber liability insurance provide diverse E&O coverages.

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Reputation Insurance

Reputation insurance provides proactive mitigation and reputation attack response coverage, including crisis communications.

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