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Why Choose AIG for Aerospace?

Aerospace Insurance comprises a suite of insurance products developed for aerospace manufacturing companies in Canada. AIG is an innovative aerospace insurance provider that offers solutions for all participants of the aircraft manufacturing supply chain. To help understand each client’s needs, AIG’s Aerospace teams collaborate across underwriting and claims, and are aided in earning clients’ trust through AIG’s market stability and exceptional client service across all AIG teams.

AIG Aerospace Insurance Solutions

Full range of aerospace / aviation products liability insurance solutions for manufacturers, distributors and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations.

Physical damage, passenger liability, third-party liability, and comprehensive general liability coverage for passenger and cargo airlines.

What is Airports, Ground Handlers, and Service Providers Liability Insurance?

AIG Canada provides insurance solutions for all aspects of the airport business. Regardless of size, AIG’s products and services are tailored to cover the potential liabilities arising from the operation of an airport, private strip, or heliport, whether owned or operated, as well as the risk from ground handlers and service providers. Due to the complexity of these types of issues, AIG addresses both the economic and reputational impact which can affect Canadian airports.

Why does your business need Airport, Ground Handlers, and Service Providers Liability Insurance?

Whether you run a small or global airport, or a heliport or private airstrip, AIG’s Airport, Ground Handlers, and Service Providers Liability insurance provides industry-leading protection. Benefits of this type of solution include:

  • Comprehensive product range
  • An ongoing commitment to provide customers with innovative products
  • Significant capacity providing a “one-stop shop” for brokers and customers
  • Ability to underwrite a large range of airports from private general aviation to large hub facilities
  • Access to risk management services to help customers safeguard not only their financial stability, but also their reputation when claims occur
  • Solutions are available for airport contractors, major hub and international airports, air navigation service providers, airside concessionaires, fixed based operators, security providers, ground handlers, catering and cleaning services, and aircraft refuellers
  • Multiple lines of businesses

What does Airport, Ground Handlers, and Service Providers Liability Insurance cover?

  • Third party liability for Repair and Overhaul work covered
  • Damage to third party aircraft and aircraft parts
  • Airport premises liability
  • Third Party  War & Terrorism liability

The AIG Advantage

Multinational Support :

  • Provides Canadian aerospace clients access to world-class multinational expertise, solutions, and service delivery in a globally consistent and seamless fashion
  • Supports Canadian aerospace companies with one of the largest global networks in the industry spanning 215+ countries and jurisdictions
  • Provides a wide range of products and services globally to address specific insurance covers and risk management needs

Claims Expertise :

  • Provides Canadian aerospace clients up to a 50% advance of an agreed loss estimate within 7 days – after coverage is confirmed  – for property damage, clean-up costs, and extra expenses
  • Provides clients 24/7 hotline access to responsive, dedicated claims professionals
  • Includes claims professionals in early client meetings to help establish relationships and show capabilities
  • Works in partnership with Canadian clients to handle claims efficiently and effectively, minimizing economic and reputational risk

Knowledgeable Safety and Loss Control Professionals :

  • AIG’s consultants help supplement each Canadian client’s safety department with surveys, program development, pre-audit evaluations, and a wealth of educational resources.
  • IntelliRisk®, AIG’s award-winning risk management information system, helps you  every step of the claims process.
  • The risk consulting team helps improve Canadian airports’ risks and minimize the potential of unwanted events through AIG’s safety and loss control services.

A full range of coverage for all types of aviation-related exposures utilizing guaranteed cost, large deductible, and retrospective rating plans.