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Why Choose AIG for General Casualty Insurance?

Casualty insurance is designed to protect businesses from the costs of accidents, injuries, and property damage sustained by third parties. The insurance provides tailored general, excess, and specialty casualty solutions for domestic and multinational companies, including Fortune 500 organizations. Canadian companies of all sizes and industries need sound protection against traditional risks, as well as more complex exposures.

Why does your business need General Casualty Insurance?

A few common examples:

  • While visiting your processing plant, a vendor is injured while inspecting equipment
  • While transporting goods to a supplier, a company vehicle is involved in an automobile accident that causes significant damage to multiple vehicles.
  • Your product injures a person or damages a third party’s property 

The AIG Advantage

AIG General Casualty Insurance Solutions

At its core, General Casualty insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury:

  • AIG casualty solutions can be built to the specific needs of the insured
  • Specialized coverage enhancements available for industry-specific exposures, including commercial real estate, financial institutions, food processing and distribution, technology, construction and manufacturing
  • Loss control
  • Mitigation coverage