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Why Choose AIG for Foreign Casualty Insurance?

Foreign Casualty provides global insurance solutions for large Canadian-based customers’ casualty exposures outside North America* including general liability, workers’ compensation (employers liability and foreign voluntary workers compensation), and foreign auto programs.

Why does your business need Foreign Casualty Insurance?

Some examples may include:

  • A Canadian mining company was looking to acquire coverage for operations in Africa, but had trouble navigating local jurisdictions and restrictions that would meet the requirements of its Canadian Board and would still be compliant with local regulations.
  • A Canadian manufacturing company with operations in South America had an incident which resulted in several injured employees. 

The AIG Advantage

AIG Foreign Casualty Insurance Solutions

Supported by the full breadth of AIG’s global capabilities, our industry experts structure programs that effectively and efficiently manage risk by providing:

  • Customized casualty or package coverage for Canadian organizations with foreign casualty exposures
  • Beyond-the-policy solutions with comprehensive client support from pre-bind to program implementation to post-bind
  • 24/7 global medical, travel, and security assistance
  • TravelGuard® - a seamless AIG travel accident services resource that protects clients and their employees with evacuation, doctors’ consultations, and up-to-date information 

Coverage may include both master and locally issued (admitted) policies for:

  • WorldRisk®   Foreign Package o Foreign Commercial General Liability
  • Foreign Business Automobile Liability
  • Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation
  • Primary casualty up to $10M limits in exposure
  • Locally admitted good standing specialty coverage including freedom of services, pure financial loss, product recall, statutory employers liability, among other coverages, through our AIG network.

*AIG Travel cannot provide assistance in any country that is the subject of economic and/or diplomatic sanctions, prohibitions, or restrictions.