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Why Choose AIG for Out of Province/Country Medical Insurance?

Out of Province/Country medical insurance provides valuable coverage needed to cover medical expenses outside of your province or Canada, which may not be covered under provincial healthcare programs.

AIG provides group travel insurance coverage, services and resources that enhance leisure travel security and peace of mind. The programs we offer are uniquely designed to cover the unexpected risks related to domestic and international travel.

Why does your organization need Out of Province/Country Medical Insurance?

Accidental injury, unexpected illness, and severe weather are just some of the ways in which medical emergencies can arise while employees are travelling abroad. Out-of-country healthcare services are not typically covered under Canada’s public insurance program, and emergency situations are further complicated by differences in language and standards of care.

Faced with limited resources and a moral “duty of care” obligation, organizations need quality out-of-country medical coverage and assistance services that can respond effectively to travel medical emergencies. In addition, AIG offers a variety of coverage and service enhancements to address more specific exposures for an organization.

Available as standalone coverage, as carve-out of a group benefit plan, or as complement to a special risk group / participant accident policy.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Out of Province/Country Medical Insurance Solutions

Coverages include:

  • Medical Expense - Covers medical services related to accidents or emergency sicknesses experienced while the insured is travelling abroad. Addresses expenses not otherwise covered by provincial healthcare and workers’ compensation programs. Includes coverage for physician visits and hospital room and board. 
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation - A valuable benefit that pays for an emergency medical evacuation due to an injury or emergency sickness incurred while 160 kilometres or more away from home. Assistance personnel will help coordinate and arrange emergency medical transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility or to a hospital near home once the insured is stabilized. We arrange for direct billing with medical facilities, whenever possible, to help travellers avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses or cash/credit limit complications should an incident occur.
  • In-Hospital Indemnity - Pays monthly cash benefits for the duration of an insured’s hospital stay due to a covered accidental injury. Supplements provincial hospital coverage and helps protect against unforeseen costs such as parking and transportation costs, childcare, and private accommodations.
  • Repatriation - As part of this option, we will arrange for the preparation and air transportation of a traveller’s mortal remains to his/her country of domicile in the event of death. 

Optional Coverages:

  • Trip Cancellation / Interruption insurance
  • Baggage Loss
  • War Risk
  • Travel Assistance Services – Attaché