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Why Choose AIG for Alternative Risk Insurance?

Alternative risk insurance works the same as a general liability or auto policy, but the program is based on the insured’s comfort level in taking on a larger deductible or retention. It allows the organization to work with AIG to establish specifically designed solutions including captive programs that are compliant with government regulations, but also allow the organization to retain a portion of the risk while working with a licensed adjuster.

Why does your business need Alternative Risk Insurance?

  • A large retail chain with frequent losses prefers to settle these more common losses itself
  • Increased oversight of losses within a client’s retention
  • Alternative premium options by retaining more risk 
  • AIG provides solutions for traditional power generators and renewable and alternative energy.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Alternative Risk Insurance Solutions

AIG partners with each client to understand their objectives, identify and analyze risks, and custom design a program to support their business strategy. AIG guides clients through all phases of the program — from analysis to concept development to implementation and ongoing administration. AIG can provide the following alternative risk solutions:

  • Blended structures
  • Customized risk transfer
  • Customized collateral solutions
  • AIG will provide monitoring and oversight of third-party administrators for timely claims handling