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Why Choose AIG for General Aviation?

General Aviation Insurance is a suite of insurance products covering the physical damage to aircrafts and liability to third parties for the operation of aircrafts having less than 50 seats.

AIG’s General Aviation Solution is a cost-efficient, flexible, hull and liability coverage for Canadian aircraft owners, aircraft operators, and aircraft management companies. AIG provides innovative programs and coverages that service the needs of Canadian commercial and corporate aviation operations, municipalities, non-owned aircraft, and light aviation risks. This may include individual aircraft owners and operators, certain classes of commercial business, and non-air-carrier served airports and aerial applicators.

Why does your business need General Aviation Insurance?
  • AIG provides custom aviation underwriting solutions for each class of business, including corporate aviation operations, commercial/charter fleets, and light aviation.
  • Expert aviation claims specialists are committed and responsive to the claims needs of Canadian aerospace companies.
  • Canadian aviation companies can access AIG’s industry-leading safety and loss-prevention consulting services

AIG General Aviation Solutions

  • Physical damage for both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft 
  • Coverage for spare parts while not installed on the aircraft 
  • Third party liability for bodily injury and property damage including passenger liability

AIG Canada’s comprehensive aircraft policies, along with its expertise, creativity, and capacity enable it to address virtually any aviation-related risk.