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Why Choose AIG for Crisis Management?

AIG provides the experience and resources typically not found in-house to manage and successfully resolve incidents. We offer solutions to help companies manage and mitigate the impact of crises and expedite recovery.

AIG Crisis Management Solutions

KR&E insurance shields companies and individuals against financial losses stemming from kidnapping, extortion, wrongful detention, hijacking, threat, disappearance, political repatriation and express kidnapping.

What is Reputation Insurance?

Reputation insurance provides proactive mitigation and reputation attack response coverage, including crisis communications. This coverage is often attached to a cyber policy and can provide a sublimit up to $50K.

Why does your business need ReputationGuard Insurance?

Some examples may include:

  • A news article is published accusing a clothing retailer of using sweatshops to create their product.
  • A food manufacturer is alleged to have contaminated a product circulating within the US and Canada.

What does ReputationGuard cover?

ReputationGuard provides coverage for consultation, monitoring, mail, advertising, and other communications costs recommended by crisis communication panel experts in response to both actual and anticipated publicity that is potentially damaging to reputation or brand value. ReputationGuard provides:

  • Coverage beginning when a policyholder hires any of our panel public relations firms
  • Cost of communications in response to adverse publicity including television, print and online advertising
  • Cost of waging a social media campaign designed to address adverse publicity
  • Costs associated with helping to monitor the brand perception of the company at risk

The AIG Advantage

  • Consultation with panel experts when a threat is identified or at the first sign of negative publicity
  • Access to expert advice to develop a communications strategy and manage the disclosure of potentially damaging information
  • Global expertise to help board members and executives make tough decisions easier