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Complaint Resolution Policy



Customer Feedback

AIG Insurance Company of Canada (the “Company”) takes pride in providing exemplary service to our policyholders. This quality service earns and maintains the trust and loyalty of our customers.

The purpose of this Complaint Resolution Policy (“Policy”) is to set up a free and equitable procedure for dealing with complaints. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our service, please follow these procedures. These procedures apply to complaints about the Company’s products, services and virtually all aspects of its business practices. Complaints made in accordance with these procedures will be handled promptly and efficiently.

This Policy is also intended to provide oversight for the receipt of complaints, delivery of acknowledgements of receipt, creation of complaint files, compilation of complaints for the purpose of preparing and filing periodic reports with provincial regulators, and (in Québec) the transfer of complaint files to the Autorité des marchés financiers (“AMF”).

A complaint is the expression of at least one of the following elements:

1) a grievance or dissatisfaction that asserts that the Company, in connection with providing (or failing to provide) its products or services, has engaged in:

a. unfair business practices,

b. conduct in violation of applicable law or regulation, or

c. unethical conduct;

2) the identification of real or potential harm that a consumer has sustained or may sustain; or

3) a request for remedial action.

Informal steps to correct a specific problem are not considered a complaint, provided the problem is resolved as part of the Company’s normal activities and the consumer has not filed a complaint.

This Policy is effective as of August 2009, and was last amended December, 2023, It has been previously amended in June 2011, June 2012, March 2014, February 2016, February 2017, and February 2020, January 2021, and February 2023.

A copy of this Policy will be provided upon request.