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We provide tailored general, excess and specialty casualty solutions for domestic and multinational organizations of all sizes.

Casualty Products and Services

Commercial Transportation

Customized casualty solutions that address the standard and specialized insurance needs of a variety of transportation risks, from trucking operations of all sizes to airline workers’ compensation, railroads, and mass transit

Defence Base Act

Risk mitigation solutions for U.S. government contractors obligated under the Defence Base Act to provide statutory workers’ compensation benefits to U.S. and foreign nationals working outside the U.S. under a government contract or on a U.S. military base overseas.

Excess Liability

Casualty coverage solutions to protect businesses against potentially catastrophic losses. With high capacity and exceptional program design flexibility, we build strong, unified towers of liability protection in an attempt to meet the sophisticated needs of major corporate clients.

General Liability

General liability insurance is designed to protect businesses from the costs of accidents, injuries and property damage sustained by third parties. Companies of all sizes and industries need sound protection against these traditional exposures, as well as more complex exposures such as product liability, advertising injury and reputation damage.

NOVI Product Recall Cost Estimator

NOVI estimates the financial impact of a product recall caused by an accidental product contamination. We help you better understand your risk, so you can make better decisions to protect your customers, your supply chain, and your bottom line.


RecallResponse™ offers the flexible coverage to protect a company against the threat of a product recall.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation coverage provides wage loss and medical benefits to workers injured in the course and scope of employment. Our workers’ compensation programs combine insurance with expert loss control, safety engineering and claims management aimed at improving loss experience and protecting employees.

Contaminated Products Protector™ and Contaminated Products Protector Plus™

Contaminated Products Protector ™ and Contaminated Products Protector Plus™ offer clients extensive coverage if and when product contamination and recall occurs.

Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE®) Program®

The Environmental and General Liability Exposures (EAGLE®) Program® provides a cost-effective solution to insureds across many industries with a single policy offering enhanced general liability coverage and pollution legal liability coverage, thus helping to eliminate potential coverage gaps. Higher limits can be obtained with the Commercial Excess Follow Form policy.

Foreign Casualty

Casualty insurance and service solutions to assist Canadian and U.S.-based organizations, companies or institutions mitigate the increased risk to their people, products and locations when deciding to conduct business overseas.

Healthcare Liability

Comprehensive coverage and service solutions to meet the professional, general and excess liability needs of the healthcare industry, such as hospitals, physicians, long term care, pharmaceutical companies and more.

Product Liability

Primary and excess product liability solutions for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and importers involved throughout the chain of commerce.

Umbrella Liability

Customized commercial umbrella solutions designed to minimize the potential for dangerous coverage gaps and inconsistencies between layers of coverage for companies of varying sizes and business sectors.