At AIG, we take pride in our general insurance service standards and dedicated underwriting and claims teams that specialize in complex and challenging risks and are pleased to offer a suite of casualty insurance products to protect business against unfortunate and unplanned events.

General Liability Insurance

Casualty insurance is designed to protect businesses from the costs of accidents, injuries, and property damage sustained by third parties. The insurance provides tailored general, excess, and specialty casualty solutions for domestic and multinational companies, including Fortune 500 organizations. 

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Umbrella Liability & Excess Liability Insurance

Umbrella liability insurance is a layer of coverage above the primary layer, but below the excess layer. It provides additional limits above primary coverages and may include coverages not included in the primary. Excess is usually “follow form” in a client’s “tower” of coverages and helps provide a critical safeguard against catastrophic loss — from train derailments to wildfires to major oil spills, and more.

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Foreign Casualty Insurance

Foreign Casualty provides global insurance solutions for large Canadian-based customers’ casualty exposures outside North America including general liability, workers’ compensation (employers liability and foreign voluntary workers compensation), and foreign auto programs.

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Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation Insurance

A specialized benefit coverage that provides medical, disability and income replacement. This coverage is voluntarily purchased by an employer to complement a protection program for employees operating outside Canada in the course and scope of furthering the business of their employer.

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Product Recall Insurance

Whether voluntary or involuntary, a product recall can be very costly – not only to a company’s balance sheet but also to its brand reputation. AIG’s product recall insurance offers the flexible coverage needed in order to protect a company against this risk.

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Contaminated Products Insurance

AIG’s contaminated products insurance offers clients the extensive coverage they need if and when product contamination and recall occurs. Contaminated product insurance covers the business interruption costs, recall expenses, rehabilitation expenses, consultant and advisor costs and extortion costs for covered events.


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Commercial Transportation Insurance

Commercial transportation insurance provides solutions for transportation and logistics operators seeking standard and specialized casualty programs. These programs help to provide piece of mind for our clients so that they can focus on operating their business. 

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