Aerospace Insurance


Aerospace Insurance comprises a suite of insurance products developed for aerospace manufacturing companies in Canada. AIG is an innovative aerospace insurance provider that offers solutions for all participants of the aircraft manufacturing supply chain. To help understand each client’s needs, AIG’s Aerospace teams collaborate across underwriting and claims, and are aided in earning clients’ trust through AIG’s market stability and exceptional client service across all AIG teams.

Aerospace Products Liability Insurance

Full range of aerospace / aviation products liability insurance solutions for manufacturers, distributors and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations.

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Airline Insurance

Physical damage, passenger liability, third-party liability, and comprehensive general liability coverage for passenger and cargo airlines.

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Airports, Ground Handlers and Service Providers Liability

Products and services tailored to cover the potential liabilities arising from the operation of an airport, private strip, or heliport, whether owned or operated, as well as the risk from ground handlers and service providers

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General Aviation Insurance

A full range of coverage for all types of aviation-related exposures utilizing guaranteed cost, large deductible, and retrospective rating plans.

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