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Welcome to the Claims Centre

Our clients have entrusted their risks to us and it's a responsibility we shoulder proudly.

Every product we sell is backed by the skill and expertise of our claims team – our customers have entrusted their risks to us and it’s a responsibility we shoulder proudly, supporting you before and after a loss – no matter how big or how small that might be.

The claims operation that underpins every AIG insurance policy is one of our greatest strengths. We pride ourselves on the quality of our claims team, on our imaginative approach to the development and delivery of claims services, and on the way we think ahead – often introducing these capabilities to brokers and clients even before they have a loss.

Through such initiatives as our Claims Advisory Boards, AIG Canada’s claims group stays close to our clients. With leading-edge knowledge, the sound judgment born of experience, and innovative technologies, our 100 Canadian claims professionals are well-prepared to help resolve our clients’ claims - whether it be a prompt payment, skillful litigation defence, or effective mitigation of a loss.