Political Risk

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In today’s global market, most companies are aware of the potential benefits associated with exploiting opportunities in emerging markets.

However, they are also aware of the risks associated with operating in a foreign country and under a foreign jurisdiction.

Political risk insurance can provide the protection investors, financial institutions and corporate clients need to safeguard their investments in overseas markets against unpredictable losses due to specified political risk perils. Political Risk Insurance from AIG helps companies to sell goods or services, invest, or expand internationally, confident that the political uncertainties of doing business in a foreign country are mitigated.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to tailor coverage for an extensive range of overseas business including equity investments, physical assets, cross-border loans and contracts for goods and services
  • Long-term security of purchasing a non-cancellable policy with a policy period of up to 15 years
  • Available policy limits of up to $120 million for any one risk
  • Partner with a carrier with more than 30 years of experience underwriting political risk insurance and which is a member of the Berne Union, the International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers


  • Confiscation, expropriation or nationalization
  • Currency inconvertibility and non-transfer
  • Political violence (includes terrorism and war)
  • Contract frustration due to political events
  • Inability to repatriate equipment once a contract is completed
  • Sovereign payment default
  • Wrongful calling of on-demand contract guarantees and bonds