Make sure you have responsive guidance to cyber risk when it matters most.

AIG’s award-winning solutions can connect clients with some of the world’s top cybersecurity, law, and public relations firms to help safeguard against sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, employee error, and more. From innovative loss prevention tools to breach resolution, we help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Corporate Data Risk, Business Interruption, Cyber Extortion, and More

CyberEdge, our end-to-end cyber risk management solution provides you access to tools, products, and resources from some of the world’s leading cybersecurity, law, and public relations firms.

What's Inside CyberEdge

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Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Business Interruption, and Product Liability

CyberEdge® Plus can provide primary financial and event management support if a cyber-attack causes company property to be damaged, business to be interrupted, customers or other third parties to be injured, and third-party damage to property. Excess coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and financial loss is also available through CyberEdge® PC.

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CyberEdge Risk Appetite Guide

22,000 companies and 20 million people have entrusted their cyber security risks to AIG. The CyberEdge Risk Appetite Guide was designed to briefly explain why.

Appetite Guide


Benefits of Cyber Insurance From AIG

End-to-End Risk Management

Gain confidence knowing you’re covered by an industry leader with one of the oldest programs addressing cyber risk. AIG was one of the first insurers to take a broad and unified approach to cyber threats, understanding that risk goes beyond data protection.

CyberEdge Risk Consulting Services

Complimentary Risk Consulting Services

Global Claims Expertise

The CyberEdge Breach Resolution Team is ready to assist insureds as soon as they suspect a potential network breach. Our team has local presence supported by global resources, allowing our experts to manage unfolding events and quickly respond to inquiries.

CyberEdge Claims Services

Post-Breach Vendors and Partners



AIG Client Road Map

5 Reasons Why CyberEdge is Critical

Transcript: AIG Client Road Map

In our nearly two decades of writing cyber insurance, AIG has gained the expertise to help businesses understand the unique hazards facing them in the digital age. Learn about our comprehensive approach to measuring clients’ cyber risks and designing coverage that protects them against costly threats.


Transcript: 5 Reasons Why CyberEdge is Critical

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, CyberEdge — AIG’s end-to-end risk management solution — helps our clients stay ahead of the curve of growing cyber perils. Learn the five compelling reasons why CyberEdge is critical for your business.


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