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Whether you operate in two countries or 100, we equip you to do business with confidence and consistency.

Why choose AIG for Multinational Insurance?

For several decades, AIG has been a trusted partner for customized and seamless multinational insurance solutions. Our experience, support, and global connections provide the tools necessary to do business where and with whom you need, with the right protections in place. As your business evolves, you can count on AIG’s exceptional breadth of products, local market knowledge, and outstanding claims service across our global network.

When you partner with AIG, you get:

  • Capacity to meet your risk challenges and evolving needs
  • Accurate, timely and compliant policy issuance
  • Risk management strategies and captive fronting solutions
  • Valuable real-time insights and local knowledge
  • Expertise that knows no borders



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The AIG Advantage

Find out why clients and brokers choose to partner with AIG Multinational for their global insurance programs, from our ‘One AIG’ team of over 500 dedicated Multinational professionals, to our seamless and globally consistent service delivery, and our market-leading tools and digital technology.

Explore the Multinational highlight sheet to discover what really sets AIG Multinational apart.

Integrated “One AIG” Team

  • Dedicates 500+ experienced Multinational service professionals including Underwriting, Legal, Operations, and Claims experts within one global team.

Robust Expertise & Service

  • Deploys a comprehensive set of Multinational products with capabilities ranging from traditional risks to highly specialized offerings, across most major lines of business. AIG assigns Multinational service experts to each client, enabling consistent end-to-end execution, from timely policy issuance to efficient premium and claims payments.

Leading Tools and Technology

  • Creates a customized client brief aligning timelines and accountabilities with structuring rationale, compliance considerations, territorial analysis, and key documentation requirements. Dedicated legal and business intelligence specialists with expertise in regulatory, capital and tax considerations, market developments, and risk trends work in conjunction with leading digital platforms.

Award Winning Training

We’re proud to offer our award-winning insurance training curriculum, focused on the ever-evolving complexities of multinational risks. The foundational and intermediate-level accredited courses are web-based, highly interactive, and available at no charge.

Register and begin the learning journey.

Access the highlight sheet and FAQ for more information.

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Fronting and Captive Services

When multinational companies face unconventional exposures, AIG’s highly customized fronting programs, rent-a-captive facilities, and captive management services offer extraordinary flexibility.

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myAIG Client Portal

Take advantage of our online account management tool, which has everything you need to keep your multinational insurance program running at its best, right from your desktop.

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Timely Policy Issuance and Contract Certainty

The best executed multinational programs rely on preparation and accountability across all parties. That’s why AIG has designed a collaborative, technology-enabled process that delivers expert program design, contract certainty, and puts our clients first.

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