Alternative Solutions & Product Innovation


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There may be times when a company needs to mitigate a substantial risk that is not addressed effectively in the traditional insurance or financial markets.

The risk may be too complex or multi-faceted or just very unusual. It may be new to the market and/or have no available loss data associated with it.

We help clients address these challenging exposures by providing highly customized, innovative programs that apply insurance and/or capital market strategies. No matter how complex or material the risk, our flexibility, capacity and expertise make us the provider of choice. Our programs can be designed for almost any exposure and are not limited to any particular class of risks.

We partner with each client to understand their objectives, identify and analyze risks and custom-design a program to support their business strategy. Our team has the skills and resources to guide clients through all phases of the program—from analysis to concept development to implementation and ongoing administration. We are a market leader with the flexibility and vision to design innovative solutions and the expertise, resources and financial strength to implement them.

Features & Benefits

  • Over 20 years of delivering non-traditional solutions to our clients’ unique risks, using innovative structured (re)insurance solutions

  • A market leader providing non-traditional insurance and reinsurance solutions

  • Unique deal team culture bringing together underwriters, actuaries, lawyers, accountants, credit officers, regulatory and operational specialists

  • Technical expertise to cover risks for which there is no conventional insurance market

  • Ability to analyze complex and unique risks

  • A history of partnering with clients to truly understand their business needs to provide innovative risk transfer and risk financing solutions

  • In-depth knowledge and advice on programs, coverage, and regulations

  • Full access to AIG’s multinational policy issuance capabilities and expertise controlling multi-currency cash flows

  • Access to the resources of the AIG organization, including significant risk-bearing and risk financing capacity

  • Ability to insure virtually all risks and to write almost all lines of business

  • Extensive product customization ability

  • Broad flexibility in type of exposure, class of risk, and type of contract (e.g., insurance, reinsurance, loans, or other financial products)

  • Insulation against market volatility via multi-line and/or multi-year policies

  • Seamless policies that cover multiple risks within a single integrated program

Available Programs

Alternative Solutions

  • Blended structures

  • Customized risk transfer

  • Buyouts

Breakthrough Innovation 

  • The design and implementation of new products and significant product enhancements not currently available in the insurance or financial market