Global Fronting & Captive Management Programs


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We offer a comprehensive, flexible platform for organizations with unique exposures and an appetite to share risk.

Why choose AIG for Fronting and Captive Services?

For over 50 years, AIG has provided a full range of market-leading fronting and captive services. We leverage a robust network of affiliate and partner operations to provide coverage in over 200 countries and jurisdictions. This means you get flexible, cost-efficient coverage that complies with the requirements of local regulators and other counterparties. With AIG, clients can predict, plan, and navigate a complex world, while working to achieve their risk, governance, contract certainty, and duty of care objectives.

Seasoned and experienced AIG industry personnel deploy the full breadth of our global capabilities to structure programs that effectively and efficiently manage risk with solutions designed to address:

  • Increased retentions or premiums due to loss experience or market conditions
  • Situations requiring evidence of insurance 
  • The need for more efficient access to the reinsurance markets 

Based on your needs, our products can be deployed together or as individual services.

Important information about COVID-19

The AIG Advantage

With an AIG-fronted program, you gain full access to the resources of our entire organization. This includes multinational policy issuance capabilities, significant risk-bearing and risk-financing capacity, and significant experience controlling multi-currency cash flows.

Flexible Captives Platform

Bespoke coverage and credit solutions you can rent or own, built through collaboration across AIG’s Underwriting, Credit, Legal, Claims and Actuarial teams

Global Footprint

Licensed management in 12 global domiciles leveraging local experience and compliant solutions in over 200 countries and jurisdictions

Deep In-House Expertise

Our in-house team of dedicated group captive professionals focused on member priorities and customized service

Captives and Rent-a-Captives

Retain risk through your captive insurance or reinsurance company through an AIG fronting program. If you don’t have a captive of your own, your business can "rent" a segregated cell within one of AIG’s sponsored facilities domiciled in Vermont and Bermuda.



  • Develops innovative, compliant, highly customized fronting programs to manage challenging risks in collaboration with AIG’s Underwriting, Credit, Legal, Claims and Actuarial teams

  • Supports individual or multiple lines of business leveraging an established global footprint
  • Complements fronting arrangements with risk transfer solutions

Captive Management

  • Provides feasibility studies, operational reviews, accounting, regulatory filings and in-domicile administration for captives
  • Sponsors and manages protected cell captive facilities in Vermont and Bermuda allowing clients to “rent” instead of form their own captive
  • Operates as a licensed manager in multiple global domiciles delivering local expertise

Indemnity Programs

Retain ultimate financial risk by agreeing to indemnify AIG for all losses and other amounts paid in respect to a specified insurance layer.


Multinational Insurance

If you conduct business across borders—even in just two countries—we can help you find the right customized and seamless multinational insurance solutions through AIG.