Occupational Accident Insurance

What is Occupational Accident Insurance?

Occupational Accident Insurance provides solutions for affordable alternatives to mandatory accident insurance and is customizable to offer enhanced benefits.

Why does your organization need Occupational Accident Insurance?

Where allowed by law, employers may choose to opt out of the provincial workers’ compensation programs and replace it with their own program. The savings on coverage may allow employers to add additional coverage to protect employees over and above provincial standards.

What does Occupational Accident Insurance cover?

AD&D insurance also makes customized solutions available for companies to support their specific needs. Options include:

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment - provides a lump sum payment for a covered accident that results in a loss of life, limbs, speech, hearing, or sight
  • Accidental Para-Medical Expense Reimbursement – help injured members pay for additional medical needs that may not be covered under provincial health plans, such as ambulance services, semi-private hospital rooms, mobility aids, private duty nursing, prescription drugs*, and para-medical services. (*Not available in Quebec.)
  • Weekly Accident Indemnity - replaces potential lost income of a participant through indemnity payments for short-term disability(ies) due to a covered accident
  • Permanent and Total Disability - provides a lump sum benefit if an insured becomes permanently and totally disabled due to a covered accident and their inability to perform daily-living activities

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The AIG Advantage

  • AIG’s longstanding expertise as a specialty insurance provider satisfies the needs of a niche-market that few insurance companies provide
  • Offers clients remarkable flexibility to tailor their program to employee needs through a broad range of additional benefit options
  • Occupational Accident plans can accommodate a wide range of business risks and occupation classes, provide flexibility, and customization
  • Helps mitigate an organization’s reputational and liability risks should an unexpected accident or injury occur; benefits are paid regardless of fault
  • Helps support members’ confidence that coverage will complement medical insurance and financial needs if an accident occurs
  • Provides a lump sum payment that can be used at the member’s discretion
  • Provides weekly cash benefits that can help pay expenses while members are partially or totally disabled as a result of an accident