Contaminated Products Protector™ and Contaminated Products Protector Plus™


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Contaminated Products Protector (CP2)TM and Contaminated Products Protector Plus (CP3)TM offer clients extensive coverage if and when product contamination and recall occurs.

In the event contamination or a recall occurs, key expense areas are covered and the expertise of independent consultants is provided for guidance from the critical first few weeks through to the conclusion of a recall.

Features & Benefits

  • Coverage certainty through numerous policy clarifications

  • Expanded scope of coverage by including fewer policy exclusions

  • Developed in response to customer and market need, the combination of CP2 and CP3 provides the most extensive coverage in the market today


  • CP2 covers the business interruption costs, recall expenses, rehabilitation expenses, consultant and advisor costs and extortion costs for the following covered events: 
    •  Accidental Contamination 
    •  Malicious Product Tampering (MPT) 
    •  Product Extortion 

  • CP3 is the first product of its kind to offer the following additional coverage options on a menu basis: 
    •  Product Refusal: protects against the refusal of an insured product during a scheduled delivery because of a report to the public that it may or does cause bodily injury and because of bodily injury that has been caused by a similar product 
    •  Third Party Recall: covers any product recall liability of an insured product when consumption or use of the product will result or has resulted in bodily injury or property damage within 365 days
    • Intentionally Impaired Ingredients: covers the contamination or impairment of an insured product which occurs due to an ingredient supplied to the insured where such contamination or impairment was intentional and wrongful, but not malicious. This coverage option may be available by endorsement to an MPT policy

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