Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation


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What is Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation Insurance?

A specialized benefit coverage that provides medical, disability and income replacement. This coverage is voluntarily purchased by an employer to complement a protection program for employees operating outside Canada in the course and scope of furthering the business of their employer.

Why does your business need Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation coverage?

Some examples may include:

  • Shortly after arriving in a foreign country, an employee was assaulted and robbed while walking near their hotel.
  • A company’s local country national required medical assistance when they had a traffic accident while on business in a country that bordered their own. 

What does Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation Insurance cover?

Our product offers companies one of the most comprehensive coverage forms available in the marketplace through first response, 24-hour coverage, in addition to built-in solutions to ensure employee coverage while conducting business on foreign soil. AIG’s worker compensation program also includes access to lawyers to protect Canadian clients abroad from exposure to local litigation.

  • First response and 24-hour coverage for business trips
  • Employment injury benefits applied on a primary basis for all covered classifications of employees
  • Access to TravelGuard®
  • Built-in coverage extensions include:
    • Reverse trip travel for in-bound covered foreign-based employees who visit the U.S. or Canada on business trips.
    • Foreign trip travel coverage for covered local country nationals or third country nationals on business trips outside of their country of assignment
    • Endemic disease
  • Broadened basic coverage includes:
    • Employee injury benefits insurance
    • Supplemental repatriation expense for all covered classification of employees
    • Redesigned limits for employer’s liability

Important information about COVID-19

The AIG Advantage

  • Draws on 50 years of experience in 90 countries to enable clients to choose from local, global, and controlled master program options based on a business’ needs in each country
  • Provides clients with access to a dedicated and experienced claims team with in-country professionals to help clients successfully navigate regulatory environments worldwide
  • Provides locally admitted policies in local languages, tailored to meet local regulations and that best fit client needs
  • Provides clients with a variety of program options including guaranteed cost, deductible, retrospective, or captive programs
  • Enables clients to view combined or localized loss data worldwide on applicable lines of business via IntelliRisk® Advanced, our web-based on-demand claims reporting system
  • Provides clients with access to CrisisResponse® for best-in-class public relations firms for the swift and appropriate response in managing a crisis globally, no matter how simple or complex the exposure
  • Enables clients with low- to mid-level exposures to be flexible in choosing one or all nine of the available coverage lines (including kidnap, ransom and extortion and political risk) under the WorldRisk® Foreign Commercial Package


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