PortfolioSelect® helps provide the peace of mind public and private companies, financial institutions and non-profit entities need to successfully embrace opportunities for growth, research, investment, thought leadership, and innovation.

The next step in the evolution of our market-leading product offerings, PortfolioSelect is a modular policy form that delivers a flexible and efficient insurance solution. Clients can now combine Management Liability, Cyber Liability, and specific Professional Liability coverages to fit their individual needs, conveniently delivered in one policy. Whether it is PortfolioSelect for public companies, private companies, non-profit entities or financial institutions, clients can be sure they are receiving our state-of-the art coverage however they choose to customize their policy.

Features & Benefits

  • One Application, One Policy: One application and one policy for multiple coverage lines make PortfolioSelect both comprehensive and efficient
  • Universal Language: With cutting edge terms from our Edge suite of products, brokers and clients benefit from consistent policy wording and endorsements that can be customized for specific risk profiles
  • Flexible Limits: With the option to separate or share limits across multiple coverage lines, PortfolioSelect provides maximum flexibility for insureds

Coverage Highlights

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The personal risk associated with being a director or officer (D&O) of a publicly-held company has vastly changed over the last decade. From the risk of responding to environmental proceedings, to the threat of criminal prosecution and incarceration in a foreign jurisdiction, to penalties for bribing foreign officials,  D&Os face a higher level of personal liability today than ever before.

Executive Edge®, an innovative broad form management liability insurance policy for public companies, provides cutting edge responses to the concerns of today’s executives. 

Directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability is not just an issue for public companies. In fact, a recent study found that lawsuits against D&Os was almost as common for private companies as public companies. Some private company D&Os believe that their small closely-held ownership structure insulates them from risk. This misconception fails to recognize that the pool of claimants bringing claims against D&Os is far broader than shareholders. Private companies and their D&Os face exposure to claims brought by competitors, customers, regulators, creditors,  vendors, suppliers, majority shareholders, oppressed minority shareholders, and many others. Because D&Os are often integral to contractual and financial decisions in private companies they may well be named in litigation arising out disputes.  The potential of limited assets to back stop a corporate indemnity may leave D&Os with significant personal exposure.

Directors and Officers Liability for Private Companies (D&O) provides protection to private companies and their directors, officers, and employees against this wide array of claims. Recent enhancements respond to the changing legal environment and provide essential protection for companies and their leadership.

Non-profit entities face a wide array of exposure as they look to balance the need to further their mission, with the need to adapt to the results-driven focus required by today’s economy. Non-profits face greater competition for donations and grants while at the same time their directors and officers are under ever increasing regulatory scrutiny.

Securing the right insurance to fully protect a non-profit and its leaders can be challenging. A single claim can sap cash flow and disrupt the entity’s mission and put the personal assets of the entity’s leadership at risk as well.

Directors and Officers Liability for Non-Profit Entities (D&O) protects nonprofit entities against a wide range of potential claims. Coverage enhancements respond to emerging risks and offer state of the art protection that extends to the entity’s existing non-profit and for-profit subsidiaries and the individuals who run them.

CyberEdge is a comprehensive risk management solution for cyber liability offered by AIG. In a rapidly changing landscape, CyberEdge helps you stay ahead of the curve of data breaches, employee sabotage and more, with our responsive guidance based on years of experience. The protection that CyberEdge provides is a valuable additional layer to the most powerful first line of defence against cyber threats—a company’s own IT system.

Businesses are increasingly confronted with the risk of fraud and dishonesty in many forms: the manager signing off on fraudulent invoices; the contractor pilfering property from your client’s premises; the intern forging credit card receipts.

CrimeGuard Choice® provides worldwide coverage for lost assets that you or your client suffer as a result of a dishonest employee — whether it’s a full-time, part-time or temporary employee, a director or officer, independent contractor, student, or volunteer.

Employment practices liability exposures continue to increase and take on new dimensions. Wrongful termination continues to be a significant exposure for Canadian companies. Canadian overtime class actions continue to make their way through the courts. Newer workplace risks include accommodation (particularly trans-gendered and transsexual employees; medically necessary marijuana), employee privacy and regulatory enforcements (particularly unpaid internships). Ongoing developments at regulatory hearings,  court decisions, and in legislatures are steadily expanding exposure. In addition, the increased reliance on the Internet and social media has opened new avenues for employment liability risk that are particularly difficult for employers to manage. 

Employment Edge® assists employers in mitigating this increase in risk with value-added services that go well beyond the typical scope of protection. Employment Edge policyholders receive the valuable tools they need to successfully adapt to the changing landscape of employers’ liability exposure.

Changing legislation, complex and expensive litigation and an evolving economy are among the forces shifting the landscape for companies providing pension or welfare plans for employees. An inadvertent error in the administration of an employee benefit plan, or even the appearance of wrongdoing, can trigger litigation alleging breach of fiduciary duty against the company, directors, officers, and other employees who are responsible for plan administration. Business judgment type decisions in respect of a plan which are made by the company in its “business” role as opposed to its  “fiduciary” capacity can have devastating implications for coverage under a traditional fiduciary liability policy.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance Edge®  protects against the personal liability imposed upon directors, officers and employees who oversee pension and other benefit plans as well as the company that sponsors such plans. With  “settlor capacity” coverage, flexible notice features, coverage for penalties under various regulations, and expanded coverage relating to voluntary governmental compliance programs and more, Fiduciary Liability Insurance Edge  gives business executives and plan fiduciaries state-of-the-art coverage in response to the unprecedented level of risk they face today.

Kidnapping and extortion are significant threats to organizations and those who serve them around the world. Most vulnerable are organizations with employees based or travelling overseas, but those with high profiles or with operations that handle large amounts of cash, or that work with sensitive information or technology, are also at risk. Properly managing a kidnapping, extortion or other crisis event is essential in protecting the life and well-being of a victim as well as an organization’s assets.

Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) insurance helps protects organizations against the financial loss that can arise when an employee is seized or detained for ransom or in the face of extortion. Backed by unparalleled consultant, medical and emergency travel assistance services, we lend organizations the experience and resources typically not provided in-house to manage and resolve these incidents successfully.

Lawyers in private practice are not the only ones at risk of professional liability claims. In-house corporate counsel who advise management on critical legal issues and who often influence the conduct of the company and its directors and officers face heightened exposures. In the wake of highly- publicized corporate debacles the standards demanded of corporate counsel by courts, legislators and regulators has been raised. In-house counsels have unprecedented risks from a wide variety of potential claimants, including civil or criminal actions brought by shareholders, regulators and the company itself licencing investigations and proceedings by provincial law societies and bar associations.

Corporate Counsel Premier™  protects the personal assets of corporate lawyers, as well as their employer’s balance sheet, in claims alleging professional malpractice. The policy protects not only past, present and future corporate counsel, but also legal staff and contract lawyers. 

Professional Liability coverage to protect banking and non-bank lending institutions against claims of actual or alleged negligent acts, errors or omissions in the rendering of or failure to render professional services to third parties.

Professional Liability coverage to protect insurance companies (and any insurance company subsidiary thereof), and their past or present directors, officers and employees for claims alleging failure to render professional services or negligence in rendering those services.

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