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Our property solutions address risks to a company's physical assets such as material damage, business interruption and terrorism.

Property Products and Services

Construction All-Risk

First-party property insurance solutions for onshore commercial, industrial and energy construction all-risk (CAR), erection all-risk (EAR) and civil and infrastructure projects.

Large Limits

Increased property capacity to help protect a broad array of commercial occupancies including healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, public authorities, retail and higher education from catastrophic losses.

Property Performance

Property Performance is a sophisticated property damage and business interruption insurance product for high quality, medium to large sized risks across multiple industrial sectors. It offers outstanding benefits to clients and their brokers.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown insurance, which may not be covered by standard property insurance policies, responds to physical and financial losses suffered when specialized electrical, mechanical or steam equipment is damaged.

Offshore Property

Offshore and upstream energy property insurance and related coverages that provide the necessary protection oil and gas companies need in the event of damage to an offshore oil rig or drilling facility.

Standalone Property Terrorism Coverage

Property insurance that provides broad protection against losses to physical assets arising from terrorist acts around the world.